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Red-crested turaco

 Red-crested Turaco

(Tauraco erythrolophus)

red turaco

The Red-crested Turaco is a large, colorful, long-tailed regal bird. It is easily identified by its vivid red crest, white face and yellow beak. Eyes are red, and the beak is yellowish-green. Its plumage is overall green. They measure […]

Fennec Fox

 Fennec Fox

(Vulpes zerda)

fennec fox

The fennec fox is the world’s smallest fox species. They measure between 24 and 41 cm (9-16 in). They stand 20.3cm (8in) tall. The tail makes up 18-31cm (7-12in) of their length. Their large ears are 10-15cm (3.9-5.9in) tall.  […]

Rhino Rat Snake

 Rhino Rat Snake

(Gonyosoma boulengeri)

rhino rat snake

The rhinoceros rat snake, also known as rhinoceros snake, rhino rat snake, Vietnamese longnose snake and green unicorn is a species of nonvenomous rat snake. It has a prominent, distinctive, scaled protrusion on the front of its […]

Caiman Lizard

 Caiman Lizard


Caiman Lizard

Caiman Lizards are aquatic and terrestrial.  They have powerful jaws, and use them to crush shelled insects, and then extract the soft parts using their flat, rounded teeth.  Young caiman lizards may be eaten by birds and larger mammals.  The […]

Brown Shark

 Brown Shark

(Carcharhinus plumbeus)

Brown Shark

The Sandbar (Brown)  Shark gets its common name from the sandy and muddy flats, bays & estuaries in which it’s found is also known as the Brown Shark. They are moderately large sharks that measure up to 2.5 meters […]

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish

Tiger shovelnose catfish

(Phseudoplatystoma faciatium)



The Tiger Shovelnose catfish is a large predatory catfish.

An adult Tiger Shovelnose catfish will often reach a length of 40 inches (100 centimetres) in or more in the wild. When kept in aquariums, it will usually […]

Giant Gourami

Albino Giant Gourami

(Osphronemus goramy )




The Giant Gourami  is a stunning fish when it gets large. In their natural environment natives have reported lengths of almost 2 feet (60 cm). […]

Red Tail Catfish

Red Tail Catfish

(Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)

red tail catfish

The Red-tailed Catfish is easily recognized and one of the most attractive of the catfish species. As a member of the Pimelodidae family it is long whiskered, but Its beautiful red tail and white […]

Axolotl Salamander

Axolotl Salamander

(Ambystoma mexicanum)


This salamander is a remarkable creature. It intrigued the ancient Aztecs because of its strange looks and regenerative powers and was believed to be a manifestation of the god Xolotl, who like Charon […]

Sand Fish Skink

Sand Fish Skink

(Scincus scincus)


The name sandfish originated because of its ability to move through sand as if it were swimming Adult sandfish usually reach about 8 inches (20 cm) in length, including the short tail.

The sandfish […]

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