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(Genetta genetta)


The common genet, also known as the small-spotted genet or European genet, is a mammal from the order Carnivora, related to civets and linsangs. The most far-ranging of all […]

Whitetip Shark


Whitetip Shark

(Carcharhinus longimanus)



The most distinguishing characteristic of a whitetip shark is its long, winglike pectoral fins and dorsal fin. These fins are noticeably larger than expected; they […]

Blue Spotted Jellyfish (Mastigias papua )

Blue Spotted Jellyfish

(Mastigias papua )

Blue spotted Jelly


These spotted jellies have rounded bells and strange clumps of oral arms with club-like appendages that hang down below.

These jellies love the sunlight, which fuels the […]

Everglades Rat Snake

Everglades Rat Snake  

(Elaphe obsoleta rossallen)

 Everglades rat snake

The Everglades rat snake may have the most striking appearance of all of the North American rat snakes.  

Blue Spiny Lobster

 Spiny Lobster (Panulirus vesicular)



The Spiny Lobster is also referred to as Painted Rock Lobster.   These creatures are native to the shallow tropical waters of the western Pacific and the Indian Ocean.   This […]