Fire Centipede (Orphaneus brevilabiatus)


The Fire Centipede is widely distributed in tropical Asia and Africa. It would look something like a necklace of precious jewels if one were to come across it on a moonless night. A certain chemical substance secreted by the fire centipede produces this bioluminescence. The light appears to come from the secretions of two luminous patches near the ends of each segment of the centipede\’s body. The source of the light is beneath the body of the insect and can be made out through the exterior.   They average a length of 4-8 inches, but some can get over a foot long.   They have flattened, segmented bodies with many legs (25-60 legs, depending on the length).   Each leg is slightly longer than the one in front of it.

The Fire centipede is aggressive and venomous .The venom of the centipede will cause extreme pain for a few hours and a bite is considered medically significant, although there are no known deaths caused by this centipede.

This Fire centipede, like most centipedes, are carnivores.   Their diet consists of crickets, earthworms, slugs, spiders and other insects.   Due to their aggressive nature, they will also eat each other.


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