(Struthio camelus)


The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world with a male ostrich often growing more than 2 meters tall. The ostrich is also the world’s fastest bird on the ground being able to run at speeds of up to 50 mph for short periods of time.

Even though the ostrich is a bird, the ostrich cannot fly and instead will run away when threatened. The ostrich weighs more than 100kg which is the main reason as to why the ostrich is unable to fly. The ostrich will also lay flat on the ground to hide from predators.

The ostrich is found natively in Africa (and used to be found in the Middle East) but the ostrich is farmed for its meat, skin and feathers all around the world.

The ostrich lays the biggest eggs of any bird species with an ostrich egg generally being more than 10 times bigger than the average chicken egg. Due to its sheer size, the egg of the ostrich is considered a cuisine delicacy in many human cultures.

The ostrich is an omnivore and therefore eats a variety of both plants and animals. The diet of the ostrich mainly consists of leaves, grass, seeds, roots, flowers and berries along with insects and occasionally small mammals and reptiles.

Due to the sheer size and immense power of the ostrich, the ostrich has few natural predators in its environment. The main predators of the ostrich are lions and cheetahs, and hyenas and crocodiles if they can catch one. Humans are one of the main predators of the ostrich as they hunt the ostrich for its meat and feathers.


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