Plated Lizard

(Gerrhosaurus major)


The Sudan plated lizard (AKA Round-nosed Plated Lizard or Rough-scaled Plated lizard) is from the arid regions of Eastern and southeastern Africa. The name “Sudan” plated lizard simply comes from someone assigning this name since it is shipped to Sudan first and then imported from there. They spend much of their time underground or in rocky crevices to escape the hot African sun. This contributes to their shy nature since hiding is in their programming. The Sudan’s in particular live in the rockier regions where vegetation is scarce. In the wild their diet consists of a high insect diet, but being omnivores they do VERY well on a diet of greens, veggies and fruits supplemented with a good insect diet.
Sudan’s show in a variety of earth tone colors from yellow to dark browns. Their bodies are built low to the ground with short, stout legs that make you think these guys may be slow. They’re anything but slow. These lizards can move fast! They have a stout tail and can use it as a club in defense. In extreme circumstances they can lose their tail and regenerate a new one. The ridges, or keel, of the plated lizards have a raised angle on the dorsal (top) side while the scales elsewhere are quite smooth. They have an extra lateral fold of skin which allows for expansion so they can wedge themselves into their escape hole if being chased by predators.
Sudan plated lizards have long been in the pet trade with minimal popularity and exposure. They are gaining that as more people learn these are an easy animal to handle once they get over their shyness and their size makes them easily manageable.
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