Smooth Hound Shark

(Mustelus californicus)



Gray Smooth hound Sharks originate in temperate waters of the eastern Pacific, primarily from California down to Mexico. They are generally found in water temperatures that range from the low 60’s to low 70’s and from depths as shallow as 20 to 30 feet down to near 150 feet in depth. In the wild they spend the majority of their time slowly swimming near the ocean bottom or rock formation in search of crustacean and small fish on which to feed. While they are active fish that swim most of the time, they tend to stay near structures and the ocean floor in order to avoid larger more aggressive shark species that live in more open and deeper waters. Gray Smooth hound Sharks have sharp teeth and are true sharks, but are not harmful to humans and will be highly unlikely to bite a human unless provoked. This species is considered suitable for expert marine aquarium hobbyists with very large aquariums due to their relatively small size (3 to 4 feet) and active but slower swimming style.

Gray Smooth hound Sharks can tolerate a range of water conditions from water temperatures between 59-72 F and salinity ranges of 1.020-1.025 SG, with a pH range of 8.0-8.4, they are temperate water sharks that will do best with water temperatures between 62 F and 68 F. It is also very important to maintain very high levels of dissolved oxygen within the water (especially at temperatures over 68 F) as Gray Smooth hounds are used to high levels of oxygen in the water and will not tolerate lower oxygen levels. If dissolved oxygen levels are too low, the Gray Smooth hound Shark will exhibit increased rapid gill movement, erratic or elevated swimming motion and will be more prone to jumping or thrashing about at the surface of the water.


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