Animal Adventure

Visit an incredible animal attraction like none you’ve ever experienced before!

Our aquarium is filled with all sorts of exotic sea creatures; including eels, jellyfish, piranha, a full reef tank, and of course, SHARKS.

Branson’s Wild World is the only place in Branson that displays sharks. And not only can you see them, but you can FEED THEM!

Come back to Wolf Woods, our indoor wolf display, and meet Lobo and his pack of wolves.

We also have alligators, singing dogs and over 180 other species of animals. Kids and adults alike will enjoy all sorts of opportunities to interact with the animals, feed them, hold them, and learn about them.  Friendly staff members will be available to answer all questions you might have.

Feeding Opportunities At Wild World

  • Koi
  • Sharks
  • Turtles
  • Alligators
  • Sting Rays
  • & More

The Doctor Fish

Experience a feeling like no other as you submerge your hands into a tank full of our doctor fish, that will nibble on you and stimulate your nervous system.

Reptile “Hands On” Display

Interact with all sorts of reptiles including bearded dragons, snakes, lizards and more!

Creepy Crawlers

A display of all sorts of insects and spiders.

The Reef

See an impressive reef system with your favorites!

  • Clown Fish
  • Lobsters
  • Shrimp
  • & more

Freshwater Displays

See the wild underwater world of rivers and lakes.

Venomous Snakes

Wild World has one of the bigger displays of snakes in the Midwest! You’ll get to watch and learn all about:

  • Cobras
  • Rattlesnakes
  • Vipers
  • Anacondas
  • Black Mambas
  • Huge Pythons & Boas

The Touch Tanks

Touch all sorts of sea animals including bamboo sharks, starfish, horseshoe crabs, sea cucumbers, and lobsters.

Unforgettable Photo Opportunities!

Branson’s Wild World is a great place to get those one of a kind photos that you will never forget. Feel free to take as many photos as you like and share them with all your friends!

And there’s more!

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